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Idaho Bridges


Remaining Great Northern bridges in Idaho (in alphabetical order).


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Albeni Falls Bridge


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Location:            Across the Pend O'reille River in Idaho

                              A couple of miles east of Newport, WA


Pictures taken:  ? by Leo Harker


Remarks:            Originally on GN's mainline between Sandpoint ID and

                              Spokane, BN bypassed this segment in favor of the NP

                              entrance into Spokane after the closure of Havermale

                              Island facilities in Spokane. The bridge is still in use

                              by the Pend O'reille Valley RR that operates from

                              Sandpoint, ID into Metaline Falls, WA.



Deep Creek Bridge


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Location:            Just north of Naples, ID


Pictures taken:  July 30th, 2000


Remarks:            I was unable to verify that this bridge is still the original

                              GN built structure.