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Great Northern Modelers' Newsletter


Well known Great Northern modeler and author Duane Buck puts together, with help of his wife Connie, a bi-monthly newsletter for Great Northern modelers. His newsletter contains valuable information on modeling the Great Northern, new products and their level of accuracy for the Great Northern. In his newsletter Duane also answers questions he receives from modelers that subscribe to his newsletter.


LATEST NEWS:  Duane is discontinuing his electronic newsletter with issue #20 due in December to take up editorship of the GNRHS Modelers' Pages. Starting March 2003 you can receive the same terrific information on modeling the GN, included with the quarterly GNRHS GN Goat newsletter. Join the GNRHS to keep up with the latest news on modeling the GN. Joining the GNRHS will also provide you with a wealth of information on the GN and will help keeping the history of the GN alive! GNRHS members do not only receive the GN Goat newsletter every three months, including three to four Reference Sheets on subjects related to the GN, and the Modelers' Pages, but also enjoy access to Reference Sheet back issues covering over 300 different subjects on the GN. The GNRHS also holds a yearly convention at locations alternating between Lines East and Lines West. These conventions are also a great way of obtaining information on the GN as well as a great place to exchange thoughts with fellow GN fans! Membership is quite affordable and a great value for the money: click here to read more about the GNRHS and what all they have to offer and to join!


To see a sample of the GN Modelers' Newsletter click on the sample button below.