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Gone Missing


Known to be still existing GN equipment sometimes disappears from its last known location. Listed below are pieces of equipment that I lost track off. If you have any information on these, please contact me using the 'Contact' button at the bottom of the screen.



Macomb, IL Not available X103 10163 Steel, Wide Vision 1966 BN 10163 West of Amtrak Station Gone to?

Kansas City, KS

Not available



Steel, Cupola



River City, USA, Amusement Park & Boat Ride

Park closed. Caboose is gone.

St. Paul, MN Not available X242 11245 Wood, Cupola 6/1943   St. Paul Arts & Sciences Gone?
Laurel, MT Not available X39 10329 Steel, Cupola 1960 MRL 1008 blue Montana Rail Link Sold in the (early) 1990s.
Laurel, MT Not available X76 10236 Steel, Cupola 1963 Not renumbered Montana Rail Link  Sold in the (early) 1990s.
Stanley, ND Not available X57 10252 Steel, Cupola 1962     Originally donated to Heritage Center
Elsie, OR Not available X29 10389 Steel, Streamlined Cupola 1958 BN 10389 Camp 18 Logging Museum, MP18 Hwy 26, 18 miles east of Cannon Beach Gone to?
Chehalis, WA Not available X261 11289 Steel, Cupola 6/1948 BN 11289   No trucks. Was parked on a large lot along I-5 (near overpass). 
Tacoma, WA Not available X66 10226 Steel, Cupola 1963 Red Point Defiance, Quinault & Klickitat RR, Camp 6 Museum Sold. Intended for use as a playhouse. Gone to Mt. Vernon, WA?
Bangor, WI Not available X298 11384 Steel, Cupola 6/1953   Webster Lumber Company

Gone since January 9, 1993. Gone to?

Unknown Not available X94 10174 Steel, Cupola 1964     Sold to Central Village. Location unknown.