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Montana Tunnels


A list of surviving Great Northern tunnels in Montana (in alphabetical order).


Flathead Tunnel


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Location:              East Portal


Pictures taken:    July 29th, 2000


Remarks:              The East Portal houses the air cleaning fans and has

                                 a door that closes the tunnel off to allow the tunnel to

                                 be 'flushed'. In this picture the door just opens to let

                                 an eastbound train through. The headlight of the lead

                                 engine is already visible.



Marias Pass: Tunnel #3


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View from US2 above

Paola Creek looking 

        north west.


Location:              Paola Creek

                                West of Essex, MT


Pictures taken:   July 30th, 2000


Remarks:              This rather distant view of the East Portal of Tunnel #3

                                on Marias Pass shows how difficult it sometimes is to

                                get to locations.