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Washington Tunnels


A list of surviving Great Northern tunnels in Washington (in alphabetical order).


Cascade Tunnel: East Portal


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Location:              Stevens Pass

                                Berne, WA


Length:                  41,152'


Built:                      Opened January 1929.


Pictures taken:    July 27th, 2000



Cascade Tunnel: West Portal


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Location:             Stevens Pass

                               Scenic, WA


Length:                 41,152'


Built:                     Opened January 1929.


Picture taken:     July 26th, 2000



Gaynor Tunnel


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Location:            Nason Creek cutoff

                              Between Berne and Merritt, WA


Length:                675'


Built:                     Opened 1949.


Picture taken:    July 27th, 2000



Seattle: South Portal Downtown Tunnel


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Location:              King Street Station

                                Seattle, WA


Length:                  5,141.5'


Built:                      1903-1904. Opened November 1904.


Pictures taken:    July 24th, 2000